Covid-19 Saliva Rapid Test Kit

The simplest way to detect all known Covid-19 variants with 99.03% accuracy and 96.3% accuracy. It only takes 4 steps and less than 10 minutes to complete the test.

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No Fuss. No Mess. Made For Everyone

The Vpass V200 Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit is an Antigen Self-Test that provides users with timely health information to help reduce further spread of infection. The test delivers results in less than 10 minutes, is easy to use and features a minimally saliva sample for self-collection of specimens. The test can be used on adults and children, including infants with an adult’s support.

The self test kit was developed in AxialHealth’s HQ in the United Kingdom and manufactured in Malaysia. The Vpass V200 has been approved by the Malaysian Device Authority (MDA) and has received the CE marking for Europe distribution.

The test is as simple as Swab, Dip, Drip and Wait. Results will be available in less than 10 minutes. Pair your results with the Vpass app available on iOS and Android.

The app will help guide you through the steps. Once you are done, take a picture of the test cassette and with your phone camera. The Vpass app will generate a unique QR code that can be shared or used to prove that you have done the Covid-19 test and are not infected by it.

New variants have shown that anyone can be vulnerable to COVID-19. With Covid-19 Saliva Rapid Test Kit , you can test yourself after going out to the office or school. Early and regular testing helps you better care for yourself and protects your friends, family, and community members from potential exposure.


Key Features of Vpass V200 Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit

  • Easy to Use and non-invasive. A test kit where you swab at the back of your throat for 20 seconds and you’re done!
  • Quality You Can Trust. Delivers results with 99.03% accuracy and 96.03% sensitivity.
  • Vpass Compatible : Our saliva test kit is compatible with Vpass, a comprehensive AI powered test, track and trace application to support your COVID-19 testing.
  • Shareable Test History: With the Vpass app, you can easily view, track and share test results.

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