Everything You Need to Know. This knowledge base aims to make sure it easier for users to understand how our Vpass works. These resources meant to be an internal base to help become more efficient.

General Questions

What is Vpass Enterprise Dashboard?

Vpass Enterprise Dashboard integrates the solution of using the AxialHealth Saliva Antigen Rapid Test Kit and Vpass mobile application which allows enterprises to ensure the following:

  1. Provide a track and trace feature to ensure all employees/guests accessing the work building are disease free;
  2. Provide email notification to the management if any of the employees are disease positive;
  3. Provide real-time data for reporting on employees’ health status through our dashboard

Who can access Vpass Enterprise Dashboard?

Vpass users who are promoted as managers can access their organization’s dashboard by using their Vpass credentials (phone number and password).

Where to access Vpass Enterprise Dashboard?

You may visit https://dashboard.vpass with Google Chrome as our preferred browser to start using Vpass Enterprise Dashboard.

How to use Vpass Enterprise Dashboard?

You may add employees to your dashboard either by importing an excel file (following the excel template provided) or through manual add employee.

Once the admin has successfully added employees to the dashboard, the Enterprise Analytics will be updated based on the employees’ status. You may now track the employee’s activity when they perform tests under User Activity since being added to the dashboard.

For Vpass users with access to the Vpass Enterprise mobile application, you may scan a Vpass result card of guests visiting the work building and observe their data being updated under Guest Activity.

Can I (Vpass Enterprise Manager) decide who is able to access the Vpass Enterprise Dashboard and Vpass Enterprise mobile application (QR scanning app)?

Yes, the Vpass Enterprise Manager has the ability to decide who is allowed access to the Vpass Enterprise Dashboard and Vpass Enterprise mobile application (QR scanning app) for organizational/job functionality purposes. Hence, the Enterprise user could get both access or either one of the access.

For example, the Vpass Enterprise user (Amy) is able to access Vpass Enterprise Dashboard for checking/analyzing the test result status of the employees only and does not have access to the Enterprise mobile application (QR scanning app) due to her job function.

Technical Questions

I am unable to zoom in/zoom out on the bar graph under Test Result Status By Department. What should I do to solve the issue?

Here are a few steps if you are unable to zoom-in/zoom-out (press and hold ‘Shift’ key + scroll with the mouse) on Test Result Status By Department:

  1. Refresh your web page (https://dashboard.vpass) and wait for the page to fully load before trying to zoom-in/zoom-out on the bar graph again.
  2. Logout of Vpass Enterprise Dashboard and try logging in again. After successful login, reattempt to zoom-in/zoom-out on the bar graph.

How do I search for past employee/guest records?

You can type any keyword related to what you want to search for into the search box on either User Activity or Guest Activity and the list will be filtered based on the input keyword and time window (e.g. last 7 days, last 30 days, etc.).

For Question 2: You can only track employee records after they have been added to the dashboard and their activity can be monitored in real-time on User Activity.