Manage & View Employees

How to Manage Employees in Vpass Dashboard?

There are 2 methods to add employees to the Enterprise Dashboard

  1. Feed data by importing excel, when you have many employees to add
  2. Add data manually, when you have a few employees to add

*Both method brings the same output, you may choose either one of the methods you prefer.

Method 1: To add a group of employee


  1. Click “Import Employee From Excel”
  2. Click “Download template”
  3. Get the template from the local drive
  4. Open the template and fill in employees’ detail
  5. Save the template
  6. Back to the “Employee Breakdown” page
  7. Click again the “Import Employee From Excel”
  8. Click “Choose File”
  9. Select the file
  10. Click “Create”
  11. Loading
  12. Click “X” to close the table
  13. Done

Method 2: To add a few employees


  1. Click “Add Employee”
  2. Fill in employee’s details”
  3. Click “Create”