Everything You Need to Know. This knowledge base aims to make sure it easier for users to understand how our Vpass works. These resources meant to be an internal base to help become more efficient.

The App

What is Vpass?

Vpass enables you to make timely, informed decisions and avoid costly disruption with a quick, accurate, and easy-to-use system.

What is the minimum spec of the requirement for the Vpass mobile app?

Android 7.0 and above or iOS 10.0 and above. You are required to have a stable internet connection.

Where can I download the Vpass mobile app?

You install Vpass Mobile Application here the links provided below: Apple iPhone: https://vpass.my/apple-appstore/ Android Phone: https://vpass.my/google-play/ Huawei Phone: https://vpass.my/huawei-app-gallery/ Feel free to browse through our official website for more information: https://vpass.digital

Do I have to pay for the Vpass Mobile Application?

The Vpass application is free for download from http://vpass.digital.

How do I update my name, identification number?

You're able to change your personal details such as name, date of birth, gender, and identification number in the "Profile" section.

How do I change my phone number?

Your phone number is the account itself. You are not able to change it. You may create multiple accounts under your name using unique phone numbers.

How do I change my profile picture?

You can change your profile picture in "Profile". Go to the "Profile" tab on the main page and click on the "Profile" section. On the Profile setting page, click on the camera round icon and choose the image from your photo album and click "Upload picture".

How can I remove my organization after I leave the company?

Go to the "Profile" tab on the main page, choose the "Organization" section, and click on the "Report Wrong Organization".

There may be a delay in receiving an SMS activation code (OTP code).

Due to the high volume of activation that is taking place at the same time, please wait for 2 minutes before clicking the "Re-send Code".

What do I need to do when I couldn't upload results?

Please make sure you are downloading the latest version of the app. You can check the version of the app by clicking "Profile" -> "Advanced", you will see the version at the bottom of the mobile screen. If the version isn't matched with the version shown in your application store, you are required to update to the latest version. The older version and operating system may be incompatible with the latest version.

Why I couldn't press the "Upload Result" button or it is not functioning?

Please check if the version of your phone is always updated to the latest version

Why I couldn't upload the result?

  1. Please check if the version of your phone is always updated to the latest version.
  2. Make sure the location is always enabled when you upload the result. You can go to the phone "Setting", search "Vpass App" and enable the "Location"

Data Security and Data Privacy

Will my personal information be secured?

Yes. We assure you that your personal information will only be used for the purpose of managing and mitigating the devastating outbreak affecting worldwide. It will not be shared with any other parties.

Do you have any inquiries about data security and privacy, you can read the Privacy Policy.

Self Testing Health Pass

Who can use the Saliva Antigen Rapid Test Kit?

All age groups, including kids, can use the disease Saliva Antigen Rapid Test Kit.

What are the Saliva Antigen Test Kit Results about?

Vpass has 3 types of results:

  1. Negative:
    1. Green: Tested Negative for the first 24 hours.
    2. Blue: Tested Negative after 24 hours to 48 hours.
    3. Orange: The user has symptoms but has tested negative. This result remains until the next test is taken.
  2. Expired (Grey): Becomes expired when the last test was Negative for over a period of 48 hours.
  3. Positive (Red): You have tested positive for coronavirus infection disease. It is advisable to seek medical attention immediately.

If my Salivary Antigen Rapid Test Kit result is pending, how long does it take to receive the actual result?

You will be receiving the actual result within 1 business day.

What if my test results are invalid?

It can be caused by blurred images captured by your mobile device for uploading your test results. We recommend you ensure that the picture you submitted is clear and not blurry. It can also be due to the presence of food, drinks, and other foreign particulates in your saliva. Please make sure you do not eat, drink, smoke, or vape 30 minutes before taking the test.

Who will verify my saliva antigen test kit result if my Vpass app shows the pending status?

pending result will be verified by the certified pharmacist.

Will my employer receive the updated information from my Vpass result?

Yes, they will receive your status when the employer is registered as a Vpass Enterprise user and added your user ID into their Vpass Enterprise Dashboard.

Do I need to wait 15 minutes for the result of the Salivary Antigen Rapid Test Kit?

You can click the "Skip" button when the result on the test kit is obviously shown.

What will happen if I forget to upload the Salivary Antigen Rapid Test Kit result?

When you start performing the test, the app will begin a timer for 3 minutes. After the first timer is complete (you can click the "Skip" button when you complete dripping your sample on the test kit), the app will begin a timer for 15 minutes. During these 15 minutes, the result on the test kit is ready to be interpreted. The recommended timing from doing the test till the result is observed should be within 20 minutes, if you forget to upload the result or wait longer than the allotted time, the results are not valid.